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Youth Ministry Director: Eli Wedde

About Us:


Our goal is to present the gospel of Jesus Christ and be people of prayer at all times. We try to take a fresh look on the hard questions that students currently have in regards to their faith and culture. We are confident in the biblical answers to these tough questions and seek to engage the students minds and hearts by talking about interesting things while fostering a real sense of community. We have a team of leaders that really love the students and Christ. Our 2019 theme comes from 1 Corinthians 9:22 where Paul talks about doing whatever it takes to save some. We want to unpack that attitude and live out the gospel with eternity in mind.

Our Weekly Schedule (Currently online)

During this time, we won’t have our traditional youth gatherings. Instead, the Small Group Leaders and I will be hosting individual Zoom groups for the small Groups. Here are the times

6th grade girls – Mondays @ 6:30

6th grade boys – Tuesdays @ 4:00

7th Grade girls – Wednesdays @ 2:00

7th Grade boys – Thursdays @ 6:00

8th Grade girls (Maggie and Katie) – Thursday @ 7:00

8th Grade Girls (Katie Short) – Wednesday @ 7:00

8th Grade Boys – Wednesdays @ 6:00

High School

High School will meet Sundays on Zoom throughout April. Games from 5-6, Prayer and teaching 6-6:35, Small Groups 6:35-7:15. We have been discussing Romans, covered fear and anxiety during this time, and will cover other topics!



We use the same system many teachers use at Paola to communicate, Remind. It works much better than group emails or mass texting, and is less annoying then group texting messages. If you have the app, you can join a "class" simply by typing in the code below. If you don't have or want the app, just text me your phone number and i will add you to the list myself, and you will recieve the updates as a text message.

Jr. High Code = @ewedde
Sr. High Parents = @ewedde2
Sr. High Students = @ewedde3


Parents = you can get on any list if you would like, the specific senior high parent code is only to lower the total number of messages that you get as not to potentially annoy you.

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Cell number 620-481-7264
Office Phone Number: 913-294-2400


Recommended Links/Bible Study: – Provides constant updates on the ever changing TOP 10 TV shows, music album, music videos, websites, etc. that influence students –Source for finding verses and doing word and topical seraches –Bookstore for devotionals, Bibles, books on parenting, etc. –Source for good books on training and parenting –Large ministry in KC with numerous resources 
Technology Resources for Parents: Click Here to access the Netsmartz resource site.